From Me; To Me

I wrote a letter to myself seven years ago. Seven years ago. I typed it up on this website, recorded the date of submission…and forgot about it.

Today, that letter was emailed to me.


I was creeped out. Mainly, because that website actually kept my letter on file and sent me the email seven years later. But also because I was surprised by my own insightful and introspective writing in my early teens. It was almost like reading a letter from another person, except that person was me.

But as I read about my aspirations and my dreams, I thought to myself: wow, not much has changed. And yet, so much has changed.

So, Past Me…thanks for writing me a letter. It reminded me of what kind of person I want to be, and how I want to live my life. What others mean to me, and how I should respect myself.

Maybe I’ll write a letter to Future Me. Maybe.

I want to be remembered as someone sweet, someone who would talk to anyone with compassion. I want to be remembered as someone bold, someone who stood out among the mellow crowds and possessed her own voice. I want to be remembered as someone unique, so original and completely her own that she would always be remembered.

– From Me


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