The Bar Culture

I love it.

I’m obsessed.

And it’s eating away my wallet.

In hindsight, I am so thankful that I wasn’t twenty-one in DC. I would have spent so much money on happy hours, and given the bar culture in DC, I’m pretty sure I would have splurged on fancy schmancy cocktails at the high-end bars. 

There’s something about bar culture that I love. It offers a real bonding experience among friends and strangers, and as the spirits grow in abundance, so too does the conversation and familiarity among individuals. Drinking at a bar just feels so uniquely grown-up that no other experience can really match the strange elixir of being simultaneously old and young. And it’s a good kind of old. It’s a, I’m cool and can do awesome things kind of old. Mix that with, I’m young and wild and free, and you’ve got the perfect combination to a blissful mindset and great night out.

In the past three nights alone, I have gone out to Jupiter’s, Thalussa, Comal, and Freehouse — not to mention the sake at Kirala. My wallet is really unhappy with me, but mentally and emotionally I’m really glad I splurged. I feel as if I’ve been starving of social interaction and thirsting for a couple of good nights out — not crazy partying among weird creeper dudes, but just a chill kickback with friends at nice bars. And I’ve had that the past few nights. I’m so thankful for the people who shared those nights with me. 

After going to all of the bars, I think my favorite part of the bar culture is the upscale interior decor and lit-up, heated outdoor patios. That said, I’ve come to the realization that I only like the expensive bars that I can barely afford. But…I love outdoor patios. And I wish I could have taken a picture of my time at Comal and Jupiter’s, because those bars were my favorite. And I want to go back. Every day, every night, sitting under the stars and the crescent moon with the outdoor lights hanging around the high walls covered by bamboo. Drinking my Swizzle (the best thing EVER) and feeling very, very twenty-one.




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