Solitude and Spring Cleaning

This weekend I have avoided social contact (besides my family and my lovely roomie) like the flu. After the past couple of weeks during which I have unnaturally exerted myself in the social realm in the spirit of YOLO, I am officially tired of socializing and loving every moment of my solitude. Every now and then I need a period of time (sometimes, it can go for weeks) to recharge my social battery and spend some time by myself. 

Around midnight, I entered an almost delirious phase of spring cleaning in which I re-organized the clothes in my closet (aka, finally folding them properly and semi-dividing them into categorized piles). I forgot how refreshing and productive it is to clean. Actually — I forgot the extent to which instilling some feng shui into my life can revitalize my work mentality. I guess I really need to make that into a reality, re-organizing and cleaning out physical parts of my life.

In the process of ‘cleaning,’ I discovered articles of clothing and shoes that I totally forgot I owned. It almost feels like shopping, except I also come to the realization that I have less of an excuse to go shopping because I already own so many items in my closet. Although, one day, if I aspire to own a shoe collection that rivals the inventory of a department store, not only do I need to have amazing discipline in organizing my shoes and keeping the closet neat, but also…what I still attain the same amount of joy in buying a new pair of shoes? Doesn’t the law of diminishing utility apply here, however unfortunate? 


I also read parts of the Bible today, primarily for personal reasons but also out of curiosity. I won’t broach the topic of faith in this post, because that is a very difficult issue for me to discuss. But, I enjoyed reading the Bible and contemplating philosophical questions in my own head about the passages I had skimmed. For example, I read a section from Romans that discussed authority in relation to God — to me, it was fascinating because it raised the conflict between religion and politics in the modern world. How do we punish criminals, and does the state have authority to do so according to one’s religious faith? What is a wrongdoing, and does what is considered good and bad conduct contradict in terms of religion and politics? 

Anyway, it is almost 2 AM on a Saturday night and I am very, very drowsy from NyQuil. On the bright side, I am getting better from my cold, and after a successful run at cleaning tonight, I think I will be somewhat ready to attack my schoolwork tomorrow. 



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